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Wine Tasting Experiences & Tours

Fall in love with the fruitful story of wine with a wine tasting and tours experience. With the oldest fermented beverage originating from China some 9,000 years ago, wine has now progressed into something a little more alluring, with wondrous flavours from all over the world! Become a wine connoisseur and benefit from luscious flavours with an afternoon of wine discovery. Stroll through the vineyard at Redhill Farm Estate, see how grapes are grown at Hidden Spring Vineyard or savour award-winning wines in the heart of Kent’s countryside. From grape to glass, learn all about harvesting and crushing the grapes, right through to the aging and bottling process. Sample some of the good stuff with a swirl, smell and taste, before giving your final evaluation. You’re even welcome to take a bottle home with you. After all, life’s too short to drink bad wine.

Fun Wine Tasting Experiences

Get to grips with grapes. Discover the aromas of a range of sumptuous wines, with an immersive wine tasting and tour experience. Developed by a variety of natural methods, each wine making process is unique to each wine maker, enhancing the desirable qualities of a ‘fine wine’. From a vineyard tour in the scenic Shropshire countryside, to sampling sparkling wines at the top of The Gherkin, slurp in style with a day out in London or at a location most suited to you.

Prepare your palate for a range of tantalizing flavours, whilst getting to know all about your favourite tipple! Perfect for wine enthusiasts or for those seeking a couple’s day out, each wine experience offers a remarkable insight into the world of wine, the winemaking process and just how it ends up in that fancy bottle you like. There is so much more than what meets the eye. From a rich red to a sweet blush, can you guess what’s tempting your taste buds?

Packaged Wine Experiences

Why not stir up your wine tasting experience with an even sweeter indulgence? Delight in one of our wine tasting and chocolate workshops, where you’ll savour the finest cocoa along with lush wines, finding your favourite combination. Ever left thinking which wine with which cheese? Discover the perfect pairing with a sumptuous wine and cheese tasting experience in London. Show off at your next dinner party with your impressive culinary choices and the expertise to back it up! For all you avid foodies, complete a special day of wine tasting with a delicious afternoon tea or a light brunch! What better way to complement a fruity merlot or floral grenache? From sunny Sussex to cultural Cambridge, keep good times flowing and your wine chatter topped up at whatever occasion, with a fabulous bit of wine tasting.

Vineyard Tours

Want to learn more about what happens behind the scenes at a winery? Book one of our vineyard tours! Vineyard tours allow you to see the sites and learn more in depth about the wine-making processes first hand, all culminating in a wine tasting of that vineyard’s products! This is the perfect option if you want to make a full day or afternoon of your experience and are a particularly enthusiastic wine connoisseur.

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