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Unusual Driving Experiences

Navigate your way on a new adventure as you discover a unique twist on traditional driving experiences. Find an exciting alternative to the classics with unique driving days that are sure to spark your interest. 

If you’ve browsed our full range of driving gifts and you’re still stuck on what to get a petrolhead, then go the extra mile with our unusual driving experiences. From exhilarating drifting action and mighty military vehicles and trucks to single-seater racing, there are plenty of adrenaline-fuelled driving thrills you’ll always remember!

Amazing Adventure Driving Experiences

If it’s adventure you’re seeking, why not head into battle at the helm of a huge military monster? Experience the thrill of tank driving and learn to manoeuvre this massive vehicle around tricky obstacles. Alternatively, you can fuel your adrenaline and kick up the dirt as you drive off-road on the back of a quad bike. Head off the beaten track and test your skills to the max as you get to grips with the challenging terrain. Embrace the excitement as you face every twist and turn and enjoy every splash, dip and dive. Tear through the countryside on one of these powerful four-wheeled beasts.

Experience the Thrill of Driving a Tractor

Climb into the glass cab of a massive tractor and feel like a contemporary farmer at work! You will travel to a field full of hay bales, where an expert instructor will show you how to fire up the engine and take command of this practical beast. Tackle the rugged terrain as you face the challenge of the tight turns and sharp corners. Enjoy an exhilarating tractor driving experience. It’s the ultimate gift for a thrill-seeking enthusiast who loves the outdoors.

Command a Mighty Truck with a Driving Experience

Do you long to experience what it’s like to drive a truck? Treat a fan of the Transformers to an exhilarating truck driving experience at the wheel of the powerful Optimus Prime or get ready for the biggest fun on four wheels in the driving seat of an enormous monster truck. Embrace the sheer power and exhilaration as you feel the full force of this gigantic beast.

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