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Segway Experiences

Take a step into the future as you experience a high-tech Segway adventure. Enjoy the thrill of the ride as you zoom off into the distance. These sophisticated machines are easy to operate, simply stand and lean in the direction you want to go. Speed things up or slow it down using your natural bodyweight to determine how fast you go. At top speed a Segway can hit 20km per hour, or just under 13 miles per hour. The Segway’s sophisticated gyroscopic sensor makes it self-balancing, so you can be wheeled away for tons of fun!

Off Road Segway Experience

Head off the beaten track to enjoy an exhilarating adventure with an off-road drive on a Segway. A training session and safety briefing from an expert will get you up to speed before you ride off for a two-wheeled thrill. Admire stunning scenery as you navigate all the twists and turns of a Segway rally on this modern machine. Make the most of your day out and combine your Segway experience with a supercar drive or dine out at Zizzi.