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Off Road Driving Experiences & 4x4 Experiences

Looking for your next great off-road adventure? Look no further than our downright thrilling selection of off-road experiences to get the adrenaline pumping, hearts racing and eyes smiling! From quad biking and 4x4 experiences in the country, to rally driving and all out warfare in a tank! Yes, we do tanks too. We’ve pulled out all the stops and left no stone unturned for your pleasure. From the Scottish Highlands and the hills of Wales to England’s South Coast, we’ve got a bespoke off-roading or 4x4 gift just waiting to be discovered for the perfect excuse to embark on an experience of a lifetime.

Buckle Up for an Off Road Adventure

Combine a love for the great outdoors with a desire for off-road driving. Get behind the wheel of a purpose-built 4x4 and tackle an array of challenges that’ll test bravery, driver precision and mental grit. Can you outwit the most testing of off-road trials? Expect nail-biting gradients, muddy banks and deep water (if you’re brave enough to rise to the challenge).

4x4 Driving Experiences

From one-on-one 4x4 tutorials and extended lessons to off-road driving adventures for two, learn exciting driving skills across a plethora of testing terrain and obstacles – designed to test both driver and machine to their breaking point. Under expert supervision and in all-weather conditions, it'll take guts and glory to drive the likes of a Land Rover Defender where no other car could venture. Ideal for fearless petrolheads who enjoy the great outdoors and don't mind a bit of mud (and there'll be lots of it). Are you ready to take on the countryside, one rut, waist-high pond and side slope at a time?

Reign Victorious in a Tank or Monster Truck

Wage war on the British countryside in a tank and feel like Brad Pitt on the set of Fury to make war games a reality. For risk-takers with an inner Evil Knievel chomping to tackle their next daring stunt, nothing comes close to a monster truck driving experience. Nothing will stop you in your tracks. If in doubt, apply acceleration and overcome any obstacle in your way. You’re likely to either crush or fly over it!

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