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Multicar Driving Experiences

Enjoy the thrill of a multicar driving experience at a range of some of the UK’s most iconic race tracks. Get your engine all revved up with a chance to get behind the wheel of not one, but multiple dream motors! Feel like a movie star in a popular car film, get down and dirty with a rally drive, feel the full horsepower of a supercar engine or enjoy a smooth ride in a classic car. However you wish to experience the thrill of the chase there are a whole range of exciting driving experiences. From supercars and rally cars to movie cars and more we have the perfect selection of multicar driving experiences for the keenest of petrol heads.

Practise Your Rally Car Skills

Tear up the tarmac with a rally car driving experience! Feel like Colin McRae as you get to grips with both gravel and tarmac at the iconic Brands Hatch race track. Drive in a GT86 to practise car control, left foot breaking and hand break turns. Do a Scandinavian flick into bends at high speed like a Finnish rally driver. Enjoy the thrill of the ride as you navigate the twists and turns of the track. Just remember to keep her between the hedges!

Race Multiple Supercars of Your Choice

Feel the thrilling rush of a supercar engine as you go full throttle around the tracks. Get the adrenaline rush you’ve been dreaming off with an exhilarating supercar driving experience. Choose to drive in up to six different cars and live your driving dreams. Choose from a selection of supercars to die for and drive around some of the best tracks in the UK. From Ferraris and Porsches to Lamborghinis we have your childhood dreams covered.

Feel Like a Superstar in a Movie car

Are you a massive fan of Batman? Maybe you want to feel like Bruce Wayne in a Batmobile or perhaps you’re more like Steve McQueen in Bullitt and want to drive a Ford Mustang? Whatever kind of movie you wish to recreate we have the perfect movie car for everyone. Fuel your passion for cars and feel like a star on the big screen with a memorable movie car driving experience.

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