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Test your head for heights and be transported to the skies with a thrilling helicopter ride. Helicopters are the perfect way to sightsee at leisure from the air, offering a new perspective and stunning vistas. Explore a mesmerising collection of helicopter gift ideas to suit your needs, whether you’re looking to fly alone or couple up for a helicopter ride for two with a loved one. Take control of the joystick with a helicopter lesson, or perhaps delight in one of our helicopter rides for a whole new perspective of the world below.

How Much Is a Helicopter Ride?

The cost of a helicopter ride ranges from £34 to £299, depending on the number of passengers and length of the ride.

Helicopter Sightseeing Flights

Gain a whole new perspective of the British capital with a visually astounding London helicopter tour. See the city as you never have before and enjoy the magic of the sights below. Delight in a magnificent bird’s-eye view of the landmarks as you head to dizzying heights. Spot The Shard, Tower Bridge, Houses of Parliament and more with a helicopter sightseeing flight. You’ll feel as if you’ve been whisked away like a celebrity with a helicopter ride over London.

Helicopter Lessons

Helicopter flights are the ultimate adrenaline rush in the air. Requiring lightness of touch and exceptional co-ordination skills, learn to fly a helicopter with a helicopter lesson from our bespoke flying collection. These agile aircraft are exhilarating to be at the helm of with the ability to move forward, backward and side-to-side. During the flying lesson, you will receive expert guidance and a safety briefing from a trained professional. Enjoy everything from a 30-minute flight to a whole day of helicopter training.

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