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Drifting Experiences

Some say drifting is the most fun you can have in a car. And they certainly wouldn’t be wrong. This unusual, adrenaline fuelled motorsport is taking the world by storm with the UK right at the helm of the sideways revolution. Unconventional to mainstream motorsports where a stopwatch determines the winners from the losers, drifting isn’t about time (so throw that stopwatch away). Judged on speed, angle and proximity, drifting is the ultimate test of a driver’s car control, bravery and trust in the car sliding a couple of inches away in competition. Perhaps you’ve done a track day before and fancy a bit of sideways action, or maybe you’ve stumbled across the latest Ken Block video and thought you’d like to have a go? Well, we’ve got the perfect selection of drifting experiences guaranteed to cement the bug for going sideways! You’ve been warned. It’s highly addictive.

What is Drifting?

Whether you’re new to drifting or if you’d like to improve your fancy footwork and confidence behind the wheel, we have the perfect selection of amazing driving experiences to help master drifting techniques to keep the car in tandem on track and hopefully out of the barriers! From the nimble Mazda MX-5 to fire-breathing Nissan Skyline, we have a car to match the ability of all types of petrolheads.

Drifting Passenger Rides

Sit in. Buckle up. Don’t scream. And try to relax! Discover the art of drifting from the safety of the passenger seat with a high-speed passenger ride in a purpose-built, flame-spitting drift car. With locations available up and down the country, sit in with a seasoned drift instructor and experience the ultimate exhibition of car control – which many drivers say is like dancing with a car. Perhaps next time you’ll feel ready to sit behind the wheel?