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Are you looking for an evening of laughs and exceptional comedy? Or, perhaps make a day out of it with a delightful meal before the show? Look no further than our comedy show gift experiences. With venues once home to legendary acts like Jimmy Carr, Eddie Izzard and Lee Evans, browse a selection of our top picks that guarantee an evening of incredible entertainment for all. But remember, front-row seats are for the brave only – unless you want to share your most embarrassing stories with the audience.


What Is A Stand-Up Show?

Barrel laugh as a variety of comedians talk directly to the audience in a stand-up style, that’s interactive and completely captivating. Forget all inhibitions and immerse yourself into a barrage of gags, witty one liners and rib-tickling punchlines that’ll have you gasping for air.

Comedy Show With Dinner

Tickle the taste buds and whet the appetite before the main event with a delicious three course meal. The perfect gift for a birthday or Christmas, head to a top-notch restaurant to indulge in a tantalising meal before making your way to the show. The venue itself will have a friendly and warm atmosphere, guaranteeing a night of pure delight.